Introduction:  HWI  Pallets  factory  established in the second Dammam industrial city to produce wooden pallet and wooden boxes on an area of 15000 sqm, HWI pallet is sister concern to Modern factory for steel industries , Salaba cement products factory , Emar cement products factory and Prime source group industrial services. HWI pallet is designed to produce 800.000 pallet per year at the first stage and 800.000 pallet will be add at the second phase before end 0f 2009  to meet  the local market requirements and demands . The plant have been successfully commissioned and operated by end Dec - 2006 and ready to supply the products of wooden pallet to market , HWI pallet has been equipped with the latest and most advanced machines and  technology   Products :- Wooden pallet: HWI designed and equipped to produce all types of wooden pallet which can be used for both palletizing lines and manual handling , Importing wood in accordance with the international standard .  We are able to offer our customers the latest ISPM15 heat treatment services to: ISPM15 "International Phytosanitary Standard for Wood Packaging" Plant machinery :- All the machine have been selected from the biggest and oldest machine manufacturer in USA with high  capacity to assure the quality and delivery on time . " Pallet assembly main machine " Timber cutting  ( vertical and horizontal ) " Boards thickening and smoothing ( 4 sides ) " Strangers preparation ( notching . chamfering and corner rounder ) " Brander . using heat ( double side and single ) " Heat treatment. to meet the international requirements ISPM15 " Handling equipments 4nos. of forklifts " Hand nails Assembly tools " Assembly tables KEY PEOPLE :- HWI pallet we believe that people do market a difference and often are a company most competitive advantage . to complement our aim we recruit very qualified factory manager whom have 21 years experience in managing and operating pallet factory in saudia Arabia have good history with  SABIC affiliate requirements . Projects history :-   HWI designed to supply and accept order for both midsummer and large customer as HWI equipped with both manual and automatic production lines, bellow some names of our present customer: 1- SABIC , Ibn Zahr 2- SABIC, Petrokeemya Jubail . 3- SABIC , Tayf  Jubail 4- SABIC , Keemya Jubail 5- Dermabit water proofing  Jubail 6- Chemanol , Jubail 7- Bitumat Dammam 8- Sapin Dammam 9- Napco Dammam 10-       Arab can Dammam 11-       Astra Polymers Dammam 12-       Aujan Soft Drink Dammam 13-      Dates Factory- Tumoor-  Hassa 14-      Sahara Petro Chemical 15-      Saudi Wax 16-      Saudi Kayan Hadarah Wood Industries